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We are not alone.

It often seems that we are; sometimes we wish that we were.  Modern times.

This website, Ray and Friends, is all about relating to modern times as they appear to darken.

I remember the 1980’s, when I got my first wake-up call.  Many of us were reading new age books and going to workshops and psychic readers to learn about Reality.  It was easy to imagine that a new dawn was coming for the human race.

Then we discovered process, the endless decoding of our hang-ups and programs.  I remember the quip: I seem to be an onion - nothing but layers. Meanwhile, the world at large just wasnšt getting its act together.  The millennium came and went, with neither rapture nor final rupture.

Twenty years later.  What happened to the vision of renewal? I have watched good men and women succumb to cynicism and despair.  I almost did.  Something kept me going through dark seasons of the soul.

9/11 and its aftermath seemed to be the end of all our hopes.  I remember asking: what can lightworkers accomplish now? The answer was clear and challenging.  Now you see what brought you here.

As I probed my reactions to events, I realized that nothing has really changed.  We are still beings from Somewhere who are trying to remember who and what we are.  The intensifying global dramas just made trying more urgent and demanding.

As I rebuilt my courage, I found that the vision of renewal was very much alive.  I gave up the egošs demand that the world remake itself during my lifetime, and concentrated on my journey.

I journey back into the reality that we are not alone.  I journey into belonging, into Mystery.  That is my focus.  That is the focus of this website.

We are not alone.  We are connected in myriad ways to a Mystery that we cannot imagine.  In trying to imagine Mystery - authentically, with will and mind and heart - we wean ourselves from illusion.

It is a never-ending journey.  I have given up n destinations.  The journey is like river-rafting.  If we keep to the current and hold on tight, we eventually round river-bends that bring unexpected vistas into sight.

I want to share these vistas with you.  I do not pretend that I know some final Truth.  I am a storyteller with a purpose.  When I ask what my purpose is, I hear: Tell the truth as you see it.  Stories are the form in which I share my seeings.

I see beyond the normal spectrum, a power which came unbidden.  I try to look with open mind and heart, so that I can be f help in these bewildering times.

I am not alone.  Many have helped me in many ways.

I dedicate this website to our forerunners.  Some are famous teachers - Sufi and Buddhist - who taught me long perspective through their writings.  Most are *ordinary* people whose names I shall never know, who, in each generation did the best they could and so prepared the way for us.

I reserve a place of honor for the casualties, the ones who seemed to fail.

I offer this website to all who have the courage to keep on summoning the light of freedom, truth and love.

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